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The International Sim Racing Federation (ISRF) is a federation created by sim racers from across the world. The purpose of the ISRF is to support sim racers across all platforms by helping to develop our sport. Through guidance and legitimacy, the ISRF will help raise global profile of sim racing.

The ISRF is an international non-profit group formed with the intention of upholding the interests of its constituant members in all matters concerning sim racing.

The ISRF exists to support simracing's growth as a dominate player in the esport scene. The federation aims to support all involved sim racers - from professional drivers through to team managers - across all genres of sim racing.

The ISRF is run for the benefit of sim racers. The membership can shape the federation's strategic decisions through participating in the Driver Commitee or Team Committee as well as the General Assembly. Elections will be held to fill management and board positions within the ISRF.

The ISRF will be transparent in it's goals and decision making. Updates will be provided regularly to ISRF members. The board and management will be approachable and readily contactable for the purposes of accountability and open discussion.

The International Sim Racing Federation is a non-profit entity. The ISRF aims to explore income generation inititiaves with the aim to cover any operational costs and fund the growth of simracing. The ISRF has been established by volunteer staff.

International Sim Racing Federation

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About the ISRF

The International Sim Racing Federation (ISRF) is a federation created by sim racers worldwide. The purpose of the federation is to organise all sim racers across all simulators, to develop the sport efficiently.The federation supports its members and collaborates with them creating racing and business opportunities for the federation, its members and for communities and companies.


One of the main principals of the federation is to support all the members, communities, drivers and companies across the globe. There are six main categories of support; competition, collaboration, connection, promotion, marketing and legitimacy.

For Associations

We provide you a great opportunity to make a difference in the future of sim racing. We take you with us, not only to create global competition system, but to take a part in decision making what will effect on every sim racer on the planet.

For Communities

We support your work for sim racing in many ways. Not only can we provide general rules of competition that you’re allowed to use as a basic template, we can promote your community and create business opportunities for it as well as help you find sponsors and audiences.

For Drivers

You’ll be able to find more competition through our collaboration with the members and communities. You have also the opportunity to take part in the federation’s decision making via the drivers’ association. The driver association will be under the Federation and will have presence in decision making of the federation.

For Companies

The federation is the link to reach all the sim racers across the globe, thus we can provide you valuable business opportunities.

Founding Members
Founding Teams
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Direct Community

The ISRF was initially founded on the sidelines of  the ADAC SimExpo in 2017. The founding board members were:

Olli Pahkala, Michi Hoyer, Jaap Grolleman, Kris Cobb, Philip Stamm and Dom Duhan.


The currently elected board members are:

Olli Pahkala, Kris Cobb, Michi Hoyer, Chris Weaver, Eric Stranne, Matt Burgess, Brenton O’Brien

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